SmartDoc Overview

SmartDoc was a series of ICDAR competitions and datasets releases.

This website is the official source from which you can get detailed description of each edition, and download resources.

SmartDoc 2015 was an official ICDAR 2015 competition and featured two challenges:

  • Challenge 1: efficiently detect and segment document regions in preview frames when capturing document with smartphones
  • Challenge 2: extract the textual content from document images which are captured by mobile phones

SmartDoc QA was introduced at CBDAR@ICDAR2015 and features a set of document images acquired using the same process as SmartDoc 2015 challenge 2. This dataset features OCR outputs and performance evaluations for 3 engines and the goal is to predict the performance of such systems looking only at the images.

SmartDoc 2017 was accepted as an official ICDAR 2017 conference but was ultimately cancelled due to an insufficient number of registrations. It focused on the reconstruction of large document images from a video showing the document from various viewpoints.

Currently, there is no future edition planned, but Mobile Document Analysis and Recognition is far from being a solved problem.

— SmartDoc Team